Continuity of studies of students in grade 9 priority of the educational sector

Florida, Nov 11.- The process of continuity of studies of the 604 9th grade schoolchildren in the municipality of Florida is part of the priorities of the lower secondary education level when the school period resumes in person on Monday, November 15.

As reported by the Master in Sciences Arian García Rodríguez, head of this educational level in the municipal sector of Education, from the 22nd of the current month the recruitment process for students who choose careers that are studied in provincial educational centers begins.

The official also explained that in the municipality’s basic secondary schools, they will work with a staggered schedule that will not affect the performance of teaching activities during the 16 weeks established to end the 2020-2021 school year.

Directors of the Education sector in the town also said that the conditioning of the classrooms to avoid overcrowding, the school lunch and the essential study material base, are assured in the basic secondary schools of the Florida municipality for the resumption of the school period next Monday, November 15.

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