The preparation of the land and the planting of sugarcane require vision and seriousness

Florida, Dec 4.- More than a thousand hectares of land are included in the land preparation plans for the planting of sugarcane in the sugar system of the Argentine Agroindustrial Company of the Florida municipality for 2022.

Distributed between the cold and spring campaigns of the next stage, the aforementioned figure constitutes a challenge to be overcome by the specialized platoon of the Argentine Agricultural Producers Services Unit, whose members seek and provide solutions in the midst of material shortages and limitations. to keep the machinery and implements for the plowing and readiness of the land to be planted registered.

Adiel Sosa Cuello, director of the aforementioned service provider entity, commented that the work strategy approved to date aims to make the most of current weather conditions and space until the start of the harvest, in order to advance as much as possible in land preparation; for which they demand greater support from the Basic Units of Cooperative Production and from the rest of the sugarcane groups in their environment.

With just over eight million arrobas of raw material expected to be harvested for the manufacture of raw sugar in the close contest, farmers associated with Central Argentina in Florida are obliged to increase the availability of cane if they want to advance in the middle of the Task Ordering, a commission where the preparation of the land and the sowing demand vision and seriousness for the execution of the tasks at the precise moment.

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