Two new private sector microenterprises approved in Florida

Florida, Dec 4.- Two new private sector microenterprise projects in the municipality of Florida were approved by the Cuban Ministry of Economy and Planning, according to the tenth list of authorized MSMEs published by this governing body.

This is Los Espinos, a unit dedicated to bakery and confectionery activities that already operated through self-employment; and Confiad Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada, a project aimed at providing accounting and computer services, as well as printing and other business support services.

These two new microenterprises are the fourth and fifth private MSMEs that have been approved in the municipality of Florida since these new forms of business management were legalized in Cuba in August of this year, as part of the updating of the country’s socio-economic model.

Of the total of private microenterprises authorized in Florida, two are aimed at food production and three are aimed at providing computer and accounting services to various sectors of the economy, both within and outside the municipality and the province.

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