Discipline, control and decisive demand to achieve sugarcane recovery in Florida

Florida, Dec. 6.- The sugar producers of the Florida municipality are called not only to materialize an efficient harvest in the midst of the current difficulties of the country and the world, but they also have the challenge of recovering sugarcane production in response to the demand made by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz to safeguard a key sector in the Cuban economy and society.

To respond to this call, Floridians have the obligation to work with greater certainty in complying with the planting plans of the grass, banish excess demolitions and increase the percentage of the land fund destined to sugarcane plantations, but to achieve this, Discipline, control and demand must first be imposed at all levels.

Among agricultural producers and other entities affiliated with the sugar companies of the territory, there are still deficiencies in the use of machinery, deficiencies in the care of men and weaknesses in the cadre policy, which, together with the deficit of resources and weaknesses in attention to crops ruined sugarcane yields, especially in most of the Basic Units of Cooperative Production, both in Agramonte and central Argentina.

The call to implement “Yes, we can” among the agricultural groups of both agro-industrial systems of the Florida municipality is strategic in the current situation and not only depends on the material conditions and the use of the means in each place; it has to do above all with the shame of the sugar producers, with their sense of belonging and with the desire to get ahead thinking as a country.

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