Florida footballers reinforce the Camagüey preselection for the next National Championship

Florida, Dec 6.- A total of seven players from the municipality of Florida are part of the preselection of the Camagüey team for the next National Soccer Championship for the first category.

According to the Sports Activity Directorate in this territory, this initial call is made up of striker Armando Marty, goalkeeper Danilo Baró and the experienced defenders and brothers Ángel and Andry Horta López.

On this occasion, the young midfielders Madián Martínez, Ronny Torres Pernas and Aldair Álvarez will also seek to include themselves in the Los Miuras team from the province of Camagüey.

Seven soccer players from the municipality of Florida make up the Camagüey preselection heading to the next National Championship of the discipline.

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