Florida Tribute to the Fallen in Internationalist Missions and Defense Tasks

Florida, Dec. 7.- This Tuesday, December 7, Floridians will pay a new tribute to the fallen for the defense of the Homeland when, for the 34th time, Operation Tribute is remembered here, with whose name the funeral honors and the respectful greeting of the Cuban people to the combatants who offered their lives in the fulfillment of internationalist missions in the lands of Africa.

Materialized here for the first time in 1989 with the arrival of the mortal remains of the 21 local heroes to the native soil, the memory of Operation Tribute will follow in Florida the same sequence of events of that date from the placement of a wreath in the information plaque located in the Luis Casas Romero House of Culture, the site where the first posthumous tribute was offered to those killed in the line of duty in internationalist missions.

The caravan of relatives, accompanied by representatives of political, governmental and mass organizations of the municipality of Florida, will arrive in its second stop to the vicinity of the José Martí park of this city, where the act of evocation in memory of Antonio Maceo will take place. the Bronze Titan, and his assistant Panchito Gómez Toro, on the 125th anniversary of his fall in combat.

Accompanied in each place by the required solemnity and by a representation of young people and pioneers of the territory, the protagonists of Operation Tribute will culminate the tour in the Pantheon of the Fallen for the defense, located in the municipal necropolis, where the patriotic ceremony will take place. -conclusive military of the Florida tribute to the heroes and martyrs of the sacred Homeland this December 7.

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