Municipal Concert Band, almost 100 years of history (+ Photos)

Florida, Dec 10.- A journey through the history of the Florida Municipal Concert Band was carried out by the specialists of the local Museum, as a tribute to the almost centennial group, which reached a century of existence in May 2022.

With the participation of the musicians of that cultural institution, the foundational years as a children’s group were remembered, which over time renewed its members and enriched the musical repertoire until it remained one of the five municipal bands existing today in the province of Camagüey.

The exchange enriched the experiences with the most experienced musicians who also remembered Miguel Barrueto Arce, a member of that group for eight years.

The presentation and sale of the book “Barbarito Diez, Como un lullaby de palmas”, took place during the meeting held at the Casa de la Trova in the territory, where a photographic sample of the band’s early years and other images were also exhibited.

Historians of the municipality paid tribute to the Municipal Concert Band, an almost centennial cultural institution, to which the Florida culture week inaugurated this December 9 is dedicated, which will run until next day 15, when Florida celebrates 97 years of foundation .

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