Floridian people welcomed the Freedom Caravan (+ Post)

marked the beginning of the Cuban Revolution 63 years ago, with the passage through the territory of the Caravan of Liberty, this time made up of Outstanding young people from the different socioeconomic sectors of the province of Camagüey.

On its journey through the province of Camagüey, 15 young Floridians make up the Caravan that was received in this municipality by pioneers, students of different levels of education and the working people, to continue their journey to the vicinity of the Avilanian territory.

Begun on January 2 in the Heroic City of Santiago de Cuba, the Caravan travels from East to West made up of members of the Federation of High School Students, university students, doctors, teachers, all outstanding young people, genuine followers of the conquests of the revolution.

The people of Florida received the Caravan of Freedom on its journey to the country’s capital, a historic event reissued every year that ratifies the commitment of the new generations of Cubans to the future of the Homeland.

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