Temporary Government Working Group analyzed local epidemiological situation

Florida, Jan 12.- In the municipality of Florida, the increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues, with a greater presence in the Popular Councils of Argentina and the Urban Center with 40 and 32 respectively, according to the statistics at the close of the day on Monday.

The representative of the Public Health Sector in the Temporary Work Group of the Florida Government also reported that it is necessary to intensify the measures to avoid contagion with COVID-19 in public institutions, communities and in each home, with emphasis on the use correct face mask and constant disinfection of hands and surfaces.

Also during the last working session of that body, each one of the assurances for the start this Tuesday of the booster vaccination to about 40 thousand patients over 18 years residing in the territory was meticulously evaluated.

Doctor Nelson Del Sol Serrallonga explained in his intervention that for this campaign to inoculate the booster dose against the new coronavirus, a total of 69 vaccinations will work, which will receive the attention of various administrative entities and community groups in each demarcation.

Taking into account the existence of 15 foci of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, 10 suspected dengue patients were studied with negative results; However, the health authority demanded that the Temporal Group take extreme measures of cleaning and sanitation to prevent the proliferation of the harmful vector in the Florida municipal capital.

At another time, executives of the Municipal Commerce Company offered information on the delivery to consumers of the free food module donated by friendly countries to the people of Cuba, which in Florida began this Tuesday by the Agramonte Popular Council, then Argentina and Rolando Valdivia, and in successive days in the rest of the municipality.

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