Planting of various crops favors the internal economy of a Florida entity

Florida, Jan 17.- With the intention of achieving self-sufficiency of products necessary for the preparation of food in their workers’ canteen, the workers of the Base Business Unit (UEB) Wholesale Company of Food Products and other consumer goods in Florida grow the land near the center.

Among the main existing crops are bananas, squash, sweet potatoes and vegetables such as beets and lettuce, Emixander Aguilera Pupo, logistics director of the UEB and creator of the idea, informed the local press.

They are also working on around one hectare of land for planting tomatoes, bananas, cassava, peppers, onions and cucumbers, all of which are very useful for the center’s workers’ canteen, which will avoid any monetary expense for the entity, as it does not have to buy those products.

Emixander Aguilera Pupo also highlighted that this is achieved through the collaboration of the workers in the work of preparing the land, as well as the support in donating the necessary seeds and seedlings.

The Wholesale Company of Food Products and other consumer goods in Florida achieves the cultivation of food for its self-sufficiency, in response to the important call made by the country’s leadership in the midst of the global economic crisis and the tightening of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the North American governments to our country.

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