Telecommunications company installs new base station in Florida

Florida, Jan 19.- A new third-generation base station was installed in the municipality of Florida, for the benefit of people living in Argentine People’s Council and other surrounding areas, to complete a total of five that provide services in the municipal capital.

As explained by Rogelio Fragoso, Director of the Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), voice communication is in perfect condition, however, this is not the case with mobile data, which is affected throughout the municipality through web browsing. 3G.

ETECSA representative clarified that the current situation is due to interference in the radio spectrum at 900 megahertz caused by private equipment that damages or weakens the signal of the third generation base stations installed in the municipal capital.

3G coverage is expanded in the municipality of Florida for a higher quality service in mobile telephony, to benefit of the inhabitants of Argentine People’s Council, which will offer a significant improvement in voice and data service.

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