Florida advances in the implementation of measures to promote agricultural production

Florida, Jan 20.- The municipality of Florida advances in the implementation of the 63 measures arranged by the Cuban government to stimulate agricultural production and recognize those who excel in the implementation of the Food Program in each place.

According to the information provided by the highest direction of local Agriculture, the territory is working to promote thirty of the aforementioned indications, with results in some of them such as the leasing of small squares and agricultural markets to cooperatives for direct sale to the population, the increase in the purchase price of cow’s milk and the reduction in taxes to be paid by producers.

Another of the indications put in place in the fields of Florida has to do with the authorization for the slaughter, consumption and marketing of beef, a possibility that rewards the efficiency of ranchers and also offers the population the opportunity to access said protein legally.

Although there is still a long way to go in the implementation and use of the 63 measures approved in Cuba with the aim of increasing agri-food production, in this municipality of Florida, the process of direct contracting of the organizations with the producers in the base, and in strengthening the management and legal representation of agrarian entities, among other high-priority issues in the current situation.

Each of the aforementioned actions responds to the provisions of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution for the agro-industrial sphere approved at the VI Congress of the organization, an action plan that demands examination and strict compliance with its content in defense of the satisfaction of the people and the sovereignty of the nation.

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