In the Florida Aquaculture unit they greet the Food Worker’s Day

Florida, Jan 26.- The group of Aquaculture Unit of the municipality of Florida, fulfill with the capture plan in the freshwater mirrors and in the Platform corresponding to this month of January, as reported by Alexey Almanza Cervantes, director of the entity, in salute to the Food Industry Worker’s Day that is celebrated every January 25.

Among the activities carried out by the workers of the entity to celebrate the date are the voluntary work, with the realization of veneer, painting and beautification of the Industry, and the delivery of recognition to José Gobea García, fisherman of the Mario Muñoz Dam, selected as the best worker of the year 2021.

The preparation of the fingerling stations to start the sowing campaign on February 20, constitutes another of the actions carried out by the group of the Aquaculture Unit of the municipality of Florida, to ensure greater availability of fish for future captures and the elaboration of various food with fishery products.

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