The half century of Sabino Pupo Agricultural Polytechnic Institute will be celebrated in Florida.

Florida, Jan 26.- The culmination of the construction actions and the creation of a technical nursery for the planting of fruit, timber and ornamental trees, are included among the actions planned to be carried out at the Sabino Pupo Milián Polytechnic on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its creation in Florida.

The graduate Alexis León Amorín, methodologist of said teaching in the Education sector, explained that for this stage it is intended to promote the existing species in the agricultural module of the center, and promote cultivable areas to achieve greater self-sufficiency in the school canteen.

Among the tasks planned in salute to the five decades of existence of this institution is also the improvement of vocational training actions, a job that has the participation of technical teaching staff, instructors from the palace of pioneers and especially requires the support of the entities of the territory in which the students will work once they graduate.

Currently, Sabino Pupo Milián Agricultural Polytechnic Institute of the municipality of Florida has a total of 319 students, 71 teachers and 55 teaching support workers, a center that will arrive next calendar to the 50th anniversary of its foundation, carrying out the mission to train young people in specialties of Middle Technician and Skilled Workers who respond to the business needs of the locality.

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