Floridian jurists more prepared for popular consultations on the Family Code project

Florida, Jan 29.- On the eve of the popular consultation of the new Family Code to begin on February 1, Florida prosecutors received training on the novelties that are exposed in the first four chapters of the document.

Taught by Dr. Jetzabel Mireya Montejo Rivero, Professor of Family Law at the University of Camagüey, the meeting was propitious to offer the jurists necessary elements in order to clearly explain what is stated in the new version of the referred Code in the consultations popular.

Likewise, the Full Professor of the high house of studies called on those present to continuously study this code project, which recognizes in its eleven titles the various types of families that today make up Cuban society.

The meeting held at the Aurora cinema theater with the Florida prosecutors together with the other jurists of the territory, became an occasion for the self-preparation of the union with a view to its participation in the next popular consultations on the new Family Code.

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