Floridian communist militancy called to increase the fight on Social Networks.

Florida, Feb 7.- “The communist militancy of Florida is called to recognize and disseminate more effectively and systematically, by all possible means, the feats that the Cuban people perform every day to defend and advance the immense work of the Revolution ”.

This was reiterated by the highest leadership of the Communist Party in Florida as part of the topics included in the continuity of the meetings that take place here with all the members of the ranks of the political organization, in which a balance is passed on the projections and agreements emanating from the Eighth Congress Municipal Assembly, developed in the territory before the closing of the previous calendar.

Specifically, the members of the Party Bureau and its First Secretary here referred to the necessary combat in the Social Networks, the confrontation with the imperialist blockade and the battle against internal subversion, to which it is essential to dedicate time and preparation with the purpose of counteract defamatory campaigns of the enemy against Cuba and misinformation about the reality of its people.

The delegates to the assembly of the VIII Congress of Cuban Communists held in Florida in November 2021 endorsed the commitment to perfect the ideological work from the operation of the partisan structures, in order to repudiate the economic, commercial and financial siege of the Yankee government, strengthen anti-imperialism in the new generations and argue the politics of the Party and the Revolution in all available scenarios and platforms.

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