North Florida health area with a favorable epidemiological situation (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Feb 7.- The northern part of the Medical Assistance system in this Florida municipality does not lose heart in the confrontation with the COVID-19 pandemic; Dr. Zenia Batista Agüero, Director of the Norte Doctor Fernández Gil polyclinic, told Radio Florida that “At the moment the situation in that health area is quite favorable compared to what was experienced the previous year; less than 10 cases a day are manifesting to us, mostly contacts of confirmed cases.

The Director of the North Polyclinic assured that “We are seeing about 12 or 14 people in the Guaria Corps, located in the former Main Emergency Polyclinic (PPU), they may be suspected or confirmed patients, or simply infected with uncomplicated Respiratory Infections that in correspondence with their symptoms follow their course as a respiratory process.

Until the end of the week, the most complex situation in the northern area was registered in the Home for the Elderly of the People’s Council of La Vallita “Where, from a grandmother who spent the end of the year in the house of her relatives, she returned home with the virus and six grandmothers and one domestic worker who were admitted to the isolation centers became infected from it; and most of them are at home”.

“The same thing is happening to us with the part of the men where we have already had three positive grandparents; The home is already in quarantine, the situation is calmer and we hope that at the end of the 14 days of isolation for workers and grandparents we will not have any other situation.”

Dr. Zenia Batista Agüero, director of the North Community Polyclinic of the municipality of Florida, reiterated that vaccinating as many people as possible is an inalienable purpose of the directors and the rest of the health personnel in that institution in the territory for the benefit of the people…
“It was always explained that the vaccine was not to avoid contracting the disease, but to avoid a serious clinical picture, something that has been shown.”

Popular participation, hand in hand with social and mass organizations, must continue to accompany the tasks of confronting COVID-19, and this was also requested here by the director of the North Polyclinic “Now that we are applying the booster dose, because we still have people in their homes who for various reasons have not attended the polyclinic.”

“We know that the doctors and nurses of the family have made a great effort, as have the political and mass organizations, but we ask for your support, just like the previous year when we started the vaccination process, to see if we can immunize all people with inclusion criteria.

Zenia Batista Agüero, the highest representative of the health system in the northern part of Florida, also transmitted recognition to the army of white coats under her command for the effort materialized in the last six months of intense work.

“It is not only the doctors and nurses, it is all the pharmacy, statistical and laboratory personnel and other areas that have begun their work since the early hours of the morning to help ensure that the vaccines reach all the areas authorized to apply them, including the communities. rural”.

Audio of Zania Batista Agüero, the highest representative of the health system at the North Florida polyclinic, in an interview with Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera.

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