Training in responsibility values ​​shared by Florida family and school (+Audio and Photos)

Florida, Feb 7.- When a society has educated young people with a good preparation that allows them to decide on their way of thinking and acting, subversion has no place; On the subject of manipulation in social networks, Leslie Carvajal, a student at the Rolando Valdivia pre-university in the municipality of Florida, assures that “I use them to upload photos, look for information about artists or for school work, but nothing else.”

The student told the journalist Marisol León Álvarez “Whoever searches about the counterrevolutionary groups is because they feel it and because they want to do it.”

History teacher María Luisa Valdespino Enrique, speaks from her experience on the formation of values ​​and the issue of ideological subversion and emphasizes that “Students have to know the role that the United States played during the Wars of Independence, that It will help to strengthen and counteract everything that is being worked on today in the Social Networks”.

“It is explained to them in the classes that we have achievements and difficulties, but it should be noted that our heroes were human beings who could have made mistakes at some point, but to them we have to take our hats off for everything they have contributed to the Cuban revolutionary process, María Luisa Valdespino Enrique stressed that “we do not aspire to a fanatical youth, we aspire to a patriotic and revolutionary youth, that is the objective of the History that is taught in pre-university education; and to this end the family must also contribute to form a more humane, responsible and supportive youth”.

The formation of values, an essential issue for the family and the school to prepare the new generations as ethical and responsible human beings, a principle that is worked on from the educational institutions of Florida.

Audio of the report by the journalist Marisol León Alvarez to students and teachers of the Rolando Valdivia pre-university.

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