Florida, headquarters of the provincial event for World Radio Day.

Florida, Feb 10. – Floridian radio broadcasters will host this Friday the provincial act for World Radio Day, an international event that is commemorated every February 13 and aimed at celebrating the 100 years of Cuban Radio in 2022.

The Luis Casas Romero House of Culture will be the venue for the meeting, where representatives of all the stations of the Radio Camagüeyana system, the workers of this local station and the members of the Fan Club who wish to participate will attend.

A special program from seven in the morning will accompany the day, which will be opportune to recognize the outstanding radio broadcasters of Florida and the province of Camagüey.

World Radio Day was proclaimed by the United Nations Organization for being the most emblematic and dynamic information medium, despite the advances and new communication systems that have appeared in recent years.

Floridian radio workers will celebrate World Radio Day, a commemoration that has also come to recognize the positive results achieved during these last two work calendars.

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