Playa Florida will benefit from the Mi Costa Project (+ Post)

Florida, Feb 10.- The town of Playa Florida was included along with 23 other territories on the southern coast of Cuba in the Mi Costa Project, a new initiative of the Caribbean State that will be financed by the Green Fund of the United Nations Organization for strengthen climate resilience in population settlements on the southern coast of Cuba.

As reported during the presentation of the project in the city of Havana, one of the main objectives of the program is the rehabilitation of swampy forests, mangrove areas, and the hydrological flows that interconnect them with seagrasses and coral reefs, to favor the natural environment and reduce saline intrusion.

Specialists from the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment affirm that this initiative contributes directly to the Life Task, the Cuban State Plan to confront climate change, and its programs to care for the marine ecosystem must cover some 1,300 kilometers of the south coast of the island.

The “Mi Costa” Project to be implemented in 24 Cuban coastal communities, including Playa Florida, will have financial support from the Green Climate Fund through the United Nations Development Program, UNDP, with a budget close to 24 million dollars to carry out actions that contribute to strengthening climate resilience.

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