Floridian farmers summoned to improve their productive results (+Photos and Posts)

Florida, Feb 11.- The municipality of Florida needs to raise and comply with each of the agricultural purposes planned for 2022, with the aim of improving the economic indicators of the territory and satisfying the demands of the people in this important sphere.

This was demanded by the senior leadership of the Government and Agriculture in the territory in the midst of the process of re-contracting the plan for the sale of milk to the State for the current year, which proposes to collect here a figure close to eight million liters of food, destined for industry and social consumption before the end of December.

To achieve this goal, the agricultural sector in Florida today has 800 cattle keepers in charge of managing some 15,000 cows in conditions to assume reproduction and milking, always based on the commitment and responsibility of their owners to incorporate them into milk production.

Autorizados a sacrificar y comercializar carnes bovinas más de 200 floridanos

Julio Velázquez Ávila, delegate of Agriculture in the province of Camagüey, joined the call made to the cowboys and the rest of the farmers of the municipality with a view to increasing the hiring of milk and other lines in the current stage «with the shame ahead”, he said, and in response to the multiple measures approved by the government in favor of farmers, among which stand out, along with others, the delivery of idle land in usufruct, the increase in the purchase prices of productions, the availability of bank credits and direct access to freely convertible currency.

Autorizados a sacrificar y comercializar carnes bovinas más de 200 floridanos

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