Activities in Florida in greeting to the day of the Community Service Worker (+Photos)

Florida, Feb. 14.- On the occasion of the celebration of the Communal Services Worker’s Day this February 15, the union in Florida develops a day of activities to recognize the workers and labor groups that achieve the best results.

During the days, special morning sessions, volunteer work, and other actions were carried out with the purpose of extolling the work of the workers, who with many efforts and shortcomings assume the entrusted work every day.

This was reported to the local press by Noraida Luiñas, secretary of the Public Administration Union in the municipality, who conveyed extensive congratulations to all the men and women who work in the Community Budget Unit.

This February 15, on the day of the Communal Services Worker, tributes are made to the different groups that make up this sector, which impose limitations on daily life due to the lack of various resources for the execution of their activity and despite this They come out every dawn with the impetus of dedication and dedication.

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