At a good pace popular consultation on the Family Code Project (+Photos and Posts)

Florida, Feb. 15.- At the end of the second week of the popular consultation process on the Family Code Project in the municipality of Florida, a total of 57 constituency meetings had already been held, in accordance with the schedule provided by the authorities. of the Municipal Electoral Council.

According to reports to date, more than 270 proposals from the population have already accumulated in this territory to enrich the legal document, and among the issues most evaluated by citizens are the provisions related to Marriage, the possibility of adoption and solidarity gestation. .

The official report of the electoral entity in the municipality records that the majority of Floridians’ proposals are in favor of the new Family Code, a contemporary bill that weighs human values ​​and affections for family formation, and protects from special way to the elderly and children.

As of this February 15, the meetings of the popular consultation in the Floridian municipality are restarted, where more than 460 constituency assemblies are expected to be held so that the people have the opportunity to evaluate the legal document and issue their criteria on it.

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