Yaemy Lorenzo Fernández, youth in union work in community services (+Audio and Posts)

Florida, Feb. 15.- February 15 was chosen as the Communal Services Worker’s Day in homage to Commander Faustino Pérez Hernández, a martyr in the sector, and an example of consecration and dedication.

Regarding the anniversary, the journalist Diala González Ramayo interviewed Yaemy Lorenzo Fernández, secretary of the union office section in the Community Budget Unit in Florida, who, regarding the work of the union in the activities carried out to greet this day, expressed:
“We have participated in the sanitization actions of the city and we carry out beautification tasks of the entity, we met with the workers who have been there the longest who transmitted their experiences to us”.

Despite her youth, Yaemy Lorenzo Fernández works as a Computer Scientist in the direction of the Communal Budget Unit in the municipality of Florida: “I try to fulfill both tasks for which I receive the support of my colleagues.”

When asked about the actions that, in her opinion, should be carried out to achieve a greater link between the workers and the tasks that are convened in the entity, she recognized as a first need to increase their improvement, “to gain experiences and assume all the tasks with more commitment. that link it to the collective of workers”

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