Reforestation in Florida: an urgent task.

Florida, Feb. 17.- The Forestry Unit and the Florida Agricultural Company, together monopolize the largest number of hectares planned to be rehabilitated or covered with trees in the municipal Reforestation Plan of the current calendar. A commitment that requires working from now on with the aim of reaching the month of October with all the goals met.

With more than 2.5 caballerias of land in their reforestation order for 2022, Floridian foresters assume the commitment to promote both the management of natural regeneration in the forests inscribed in their timber heritage, as well as the planting of new varieties destined for to the construction of houses or for sawmilling.

For their part, local farmers must advance in the expansion of forests of interest for defense on the grounds of the 25th Anniversary Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA). In the same period in which the collectives of the cooperatives July 26, José Antonio Echeverría and Arnaldo Guzmán took on the task of protecting the spontaneous germination of fruit species and others in the areas under their command.

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