Public Health in Florida Calls to avoid overconfidence in the face of Covid-19.

Florida, Feb 23.- Increasing individual and family responsibility and avoiding overconfidence in the face of the decrease in positive cases of Covid-19 was the call made by different authorities of the Public Health Sector in the municipality, who recommended to at the same time not to dismantle the main hygienic-sanitary protection measures against the spread of the dangerous disease.

According to the criteria of local experts, the use of the nasobuco remains the main containment barrier against the presence of various strains of the new Coronavirus together with social distancing, frequent hand washing with alcoholic or chlorinated solutions and the disinfection of street clothing and footwear upon arrival at the home.

The specialized recommendation in the midst of combating the pandemic also refers to the need to go to the doctor in the presence of symptoms that may indicate suspicion of infection with the new coronavirus, including runny nose, headache, fever, loss of taste and smell, cold and others to be assessed by health personnel.

Similarly, the completion of the booster dose with Cuban anti-Covid vaccines in all people who exceed six months after receiving their first immunization schedule, is vital in the collective effort to reduce or avoid the impact of the current pandemic in the Floridian population.

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