The Day of the Art Instructor is commemorated in Florida (+Photo and Post)


lorida, Feb. 23.- In an emotional act of celebration and tribute, the municipal activity was carried out for the Day of the Art Instructor, an event that is celebrated every February 18 to remember Olga Alonso, a distinguished figure of the brigade and to recognize the work cultural and artistic training carried out by this army of culture.

Among the honorees was Mirelkis María Engracio Rodríguez, who was deserving last year of the Minister’s award, a special recognition granted by the educational sector, likewise highlighted the outstanding career of Roberto Machado Ávila and Yailen Díaz Cardoso.


They also received special recognition for their scientific contributions to the territory Arturo Nazco Labrada and Mavis Casal, who were awarded the Forjadores del Futuro Seal, the latter received the certificate for participating in the international event Master Before the Challenges of the 21st Century delivered by the Association of Cuban pedagogues.

The gala was a tour of the cultural work carried out by the Art Instructors in the different pioneering, cultural groups and in the community itself. Music, dance and theater were the main course of a meeting where the talent and commitment of the Art Instructors of the municipality of Florida shone. (Photos: Luis Casas Romero House of Culture/Florida)

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