Developed in Las Parras Popular Council of Florida Community Work Workshop.

Florida, Feb. 25.- The First Community Work Workshop held at Las Parras Rural People’s Council, convened experiences related to food production through Family Farming programs, valued examples of collective participation in confronting the COVID-19 and opened a space for the exhibition of crafts and crafts made in the area during the stage of social isolation imposed by the pandemic.

Gathered in the town that gives its name to the aforementioned government demarcation, representatives and guests from the different constituencies of the council spoke of the massive incorporation in the planting of vegetables and grains in patios and plots and highlighted actions of popular support in the fight against the new coronavirus, including active screening, the protection of infants and pregnant women, messaging in the case of the elderly or vulnerable, and majority support for the vaccination campaign.

This type of event aims to promote the search for individual solutions to the problems that affect the well-being and satisfaction of those who live in urban neighborhoods and in the rural part of the territory based on individual or collective intelligence, with the available resources. and leveraging science and technological innovation wherever possible.

Closing the workshop, Rolando Ochoa Lerma, official in charge of Community Work in the municipal government department, highlighted the importance of social leaders and mass organizations in the formation of values ​​and in sustaining the unity of the people to confront the challenges of the present and the future, overcome them and continue forward with the work of the Cuban Revolution.

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