Social Security: new benefits for retirees.

Florida, Feb 26.- More than a dozen people in the municipality have benefited to date with the new opportunities offered by Social Security to retirees from work who return to work life in any of the socioeconomic sectors of the state level of the territory.

The entry into force of decrees 36 and 37 of the Council of Ministers as of last May provided for substantial changes in the calculation of the increase in pensions for those who, after concluding their official period of contribution to society, assume contracts and templates in sociopolitical, productive or service tasks.

The innovative method for increasing the reincorporated retiree’s checkbook calculates between the years worked in the new stage, and the period of higher monetary income, which undoubtedly favors the plaintiff.

Directors of the branch of the National Institute of Social Security in the territory, pointed out that among those who benefited from the recent directives to calculate the increase in the checkbook of retirees reinserted into working life, after completing the new contract, some stand out who added to the previous pension up to 900 pesos in this way.

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