Community project ¨Revolucionando el Barrio¨ brought joy to the rural community of La Vallita (+Post).

Florida, March 6.- As part of the Local Development Strategy of Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz University of Camagüey, the community project ¨Revolucionando el Barrio¨ came this Saturday in the rural community of La Vallita.

As part of the activities carried out in that settlement, this time headquarters of the Integrated Community Work project Somos continuidada Dr. in Sciences Santiago Lajes Choy, Deputy to the Cuban Parliament and rector of the University of Camagüey, referred to the importance of the exchange of the representatives of that study center with the neighbors and together with directors and researchers and identified some of the problems that afflict this Florida town.

A team of professors and young people from the University Student Federation (FEU), representing the 10 faculties of the institution, organized sports and cultural activities that mixed the energy of the children and young members of the University Student Federation and the INDER provided joy to this community.

Once again it was verified that the visit of the members of the Project ¨Revolucionando el Barrio¨ are timely to bring the University closer to the reality of the community and contribute from Science to its improvement, raise the quality of life of its inhabitants and bring joy to where it is most needed.

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