Floridian farmers ratified the commitment to continue producing for the people (+ Post)

Florida, March 12.- “An insecure man does not walk and a peasant who is not clear about leadership and the contractual and legal processes that involve him is paralyzed; For this reason, it is urgent to define responsibilities on each front of Agriculture so that farmers do not waste time and work, are well informed about the benefits they receive, and feel increasingly committed to the economy and with support for the principles and values ​​of the Revolution.

This was stated in Florida by Bernardino Favier Conte, president of the credit and services cooperative (CCS) Octavio Aragón, in the most applauded intervention of the meeting held by representatives of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) of the country with peasants and leaders of the agrarian base of the territory, which was headed by Rolando García Domenech, an official at that instance, and Regla Frómeta Rivera, president of the agrarian organization in the province of Camagüey.

Favier’s claim pointed to the importance of achieving the systematic participation of the directors of contracting entities and organizations linked to agricultural production in the general assemblies of the cooperatives, with the aim of explaining and clarifying doubts about aspects that limit or can promote results in the agri-food sphere.

Among the fundamental topics of the exchange of the national direction of the ANAP with Floridian farmers, the growth of the number of associates, their participation and support in the popular consultation of the Family Code, the prevention and confrontation with crime stood out. , implementation and impact of the 63 measures approved to stimulate the growth of the agricultural sector and recognition of the most outstanding in the political and productive activities of the sector.

The meeting itself revealed the need to maintain the strengthening of the ranks and the fulfillment of the political and financial assignments of the peasant organization in each of the 29 cooperatives of the municipality, to multiply the actions to confront the crimes of theft and sacrifice of cattle and other species, and increase the contracting volumes of milk and beef for the current year 2022.

Even when they expressed their agreement with most of the measures adopted by the Cuban Government in favor of the agricultural and sugar sectors, the farmers of Florida denounced the presence of dangerous failures such as non-payment to producers in the sale of rice, cattle and sugarcane, the high cost of some supplies and services, the policy of sanctions of the Dairy Industry and the insecurity of contracts for the collection of fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and mangoes, destined for the industry in several units Of the territory.

Despite the previous concerns, the Floridian peasants ratified the will and commitment to continue producing for the town, while the municipal directorate of the ANAP took the opportunity to award recognition to the most outstanding base cadres in the fulfillment of the tasks corresponding to the sector.

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