Acuiflor de Florida looks for leading Camagüey’s aquaculture production.

Florida, March 14.- With 45 tons completed out of 25 planned, the collective of the Acuiflor Base Business Unit in the municipality exceeded its production plan at the end of February.

In the month just ended, the Fisheries workers in the territory produced different products, among them, natural fish mass, seasoned mincemeat, tench and carp fillet, and also made sea fish available to the population, in addition to having of other lines with great acceptance in the international market, such as Headless and Gutted Tench.

Alexey Almanza Cervantes director of the entity, reported that all these productions are marketed to organizations, the population and are also distributed to other territories of the province of Camagüey for the benefit of its inhabitants.

For this year 2022, the Acuiflor Base Business Unit group of the municipality of Florida is committed to lead aquaculture production in the province, maintaining the marketing of food and services based on efficiency and customer satisfaction, in addition to raising the culture of quality and the protection of its reservoirs.

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