Lázaro Martínez Ravelo the best producer of queen bees in Florida.

Florida, March 15.- Floridian beekeeper Lázaro Martínez Ravelo stood out during the past year 2021 for the results in the production of queen bees, one of the most important needs to advance the growth of honey production.

According to official information, Martínez Ravelo contributed almost 54 percent of the 1,566 monarchs from hives obtained in the previous period, an activity that in general should progress in the territory in the face of new opportunities for strengthening the colony. beekeeping and its export capabilities.

The change of queen is one of the basic activities of the breeders of this insect with a high impact on the country’s economy, based on the guarantees and benefits derived from the genetic improvement of the swarm and the periodic introduction of a young queen with high capacity reproductive.

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