Patio El Madero almost 25 years working for Food Sovereignty (+ Photos)

Florida, March 17.- With the pride of celebrating 25 years of productive life next September, the municipality’s El Madero vegetable yard continues to set standards in defense of the food security and sovereignty of this city and its around.

Owner of the Triple Crown of Excellence awarded by the national movement for Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture, El Madero today has 57 planted beds and different lines on the marketing table, the result of the commitment and will of its main investor and manager Julio Miranda wood.

Despite he is not young any longer, this man of integrity and willingness has long since become, not only one of the most outstanding in the country for his work, but also a volunteer teacher of young people interested in developing the planting and cultivation of vegetables and fresh condiments, which multiplies there, in a real way, the category of Teaching Productive Yard conferred by the Department of Technical-professional Education of the territory.

Julito, as he is nicknamed by most of those who know him, commented to Radio Florida on the difficulties that exist today to obtain the organic matter necessary to maintain the fertility of the soil, and expressed his disagreement with those resellers who abusively raise the price of agricultural food obtained in places like yours.

When in Florida and beyond there is talk of Food Sovereignty, Nutritional Education and Agroecology, it is necessary to turn first to the knowledge and experience of Julio Madera Miranda in search of reproducing the excellence ratified by his vegetable garden El Madero, with almost a quarter of a century harvesting food for the people on an ongoing basis.

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