Held in Florida peasant youth meeting

Florida, March 19.- The young farmers of the municipality exposed their main concerns and difficulties to develop food production in each of their farms in front of the highest authorities of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) of the territory.

The dissatisfaction with the payment of milk, the need to support the farmers with the necessary resources to work in the field and the cost of these inputs when they are purchased at the offices of the Logistics Business Group of the Ministry of Agriculture (Gelma), were some of the dissatisfactions raised in the youth activity organized as part of the work agreements of the peasant organization and the Union of Young Communists (UJC) in the territory.

The meeting, organized within the framework of the celebration for the 60th anniversary of the UJC and the 61 years of the ANAP, was opportune to explain to the participants some of the 43 measures implemented in the country for the benefit of the peasantry and advocated for a greater advice and preparation of young people by the directors of the productive bases.

The ease of direct contracting with small squares, agricultural markets and state entities of all kinds, as well as the use of Agroecology and other cheaper techniques, were exposed at the meeting, where the interest and commitment of young farmers with the food production for the people.

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