Camagüey delegates to the Provincial Assembly of the Communist Party receive information

March 2022.- With a view to the development of the provincial balance assembly of the Communist Party of Cuba in Camagüey, from this Tuesday and until next Thursday, the preparation of the more than 200 delegates summoned for the meeting will be developed, as part of the process of continuity of the Eighth Congress at the base.

Among the issues on which information will be provided, the confrontation with political-ideological subversion, the work in social networks, the operation and internal life of the organization and the promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation and the role of the universities.

In the same way, it is planned for these days to offer an update on economic issues, such as the implementation of the 43 measures that stimulate the development of the socialist state company, exports and import substitution, Investments, Tourism, new actors and the process of perfecting trade.

The Food Sovereignty Plan and the 63 measures to promote agricultural activity, the results of the preparation, organization and comprehensive assurance of the sugar harvest; as well as the situation of Public Health and Education, are also topics to be addressed.

The delegates to the provincial assembly of the Communist Party in Camagüey will visit places of economic and social interest, among which the micro, small and medium-sized companies, the industries of the municipality of Nuevitas, the poles and productive bases and other enclaves of various territories stand out.

As part of the preparation of the delegates, volunteer work will take place to contribute to the promotion of food production and the farewell of the outgoing members of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party in Camagüey will be held.

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