More than donating blood, it is giving the heart

Florida, March 26.- In a humanistic and supportive gesture, the residents of zone 108 belonging to the Urban Center Popular Council and workers from other social sectors of the territory went to the East Florida Computer Youth Club for a new day of blood donations , which allows the Cuban health system to increase the life expectancy and quality of life of patients, and to carry out complex medical and surgical procedures.

Some 25 Floridians voluntarily attended this noble action, and gave their commitment and willingness to support every three months the task that guarantees the lives of many people, an act with which they reaffirm the value of Marti’s thought: “What the heart can only whoever puts it to work knows it”.

This group of voluntary blood donors met the necessary requirements for the action, which include being over 18 years of age, having a body weight greater than 110 pounds, not suffering from chronic diseases, or taking medications before performing this action.

Like the men and women of zone 108 belonging to the Urban Center People’s Council and other colleagues from the Public Health sector in Florida, the workers of the Sorbitol Plant, the Biscuit Factory and the community of Playa Florida, also prepare to carry out, before the end of this month of March, their Blood Donation Day.

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