Popular consultation of the Family Code project concluded in Florida

Florida, Apr 6.- With the development of all the meetings planned by the electoral authorities for the community analysis of the Family Code Project, the popular consultation process in the municipality of Florida concluded.

According to the secretary of the Municipal Electoral Council, of the 469 assemblies held in this demarcation, more than 3,300 proposals were derived from the Floridian population to enrich this bill regarding the various formation and relationship structures of families in Cuba.

In this process of citizen participation, where the attendance of more than 40,300 Floridians was calculated, the electoral authorities of the municipality report that regarding the content of the Code, about 400 modification proposals, some 130 additions and more than 300 additions were registered. . elimination.

According to the closing report of the popular consultation of the Family Code Project, more than 2,300 criteria favorable to the legal document were registered, and the issues most evaluated by the population were related to matters related to marriage, parental authority, the solidary matrix and the order of the surnames.

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