Floridians getting ready to compete in the 2022 Cubaila provincial event

Florida, Apr 8.- The family of Physical Culture and Sports in the municipality of Florida is outlining these days details in its preparation to participate in the Cubaila 2022 provincial event, an athletic and recreational event to be held between the next months of May and June.

Currently, the Floridian delegation is in the assembly and rehearsal phase of the elements and choreographic exercises of the gymnastic and athletic composition, which will be shown as in previous years through audiovisual material to compete in the virtual modality of this event. sports and recreational.

According to the specialists of the Municipal Sports Sector, the Florida team is made up of more than 200 people, because on this occasion a choreographic structure must be shown in the audiovisual in which practitioners of all ages are present, including the beneficiaries of the Educate your Child Program , the Community Physical Activity and the Circles of Grandparents.

In the face-to-face event of Cubaila 2022, to be held in the city of Camagüey next June, the participation of a smaller group is expected to show a more complex and dynamic gymnastic and athletic composition before the jury.

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