Actions aimed at reducing disaster risks are specified in Florida (+Post)

Florida, Apr 9.- Lieutenant Colonel Félix Villegas Varona, head of Civil Defense in the province of Camagüey, met with representatives of the organizations that make up the Municipal Evacuation Commission and the presidents of the Defense Zones.

With the presence of Antonio Bayate González, first secretary of the Communist Party, and Evelyn Márquez Álvarez, president of the municipal government, the meeting focused on the importance of updating evacuation plans and logistical assurance measures at the local level in support of the necessary actions for the protection of the people and the resources of the economy against possible natural disasters.

During the meeting, the complex water situation experienced by the Floridian territory was evaluated as a result of the severe drought that is plaguing the country this year, and the current requirement to increase care for residents of communities that lack sanitation systems was discussed. aqueducts or suffer the depletion of their natural sources of liquid at this stage.

Faced with this type of situation and others that may arise during the hurricane season that begins in June, Lieutenant Colonel Félix Villegas Varona, head of the Civil Defense of Camagüey, emphasized the importance of accurately ensuring each activity and measure necessary to fulfill the missions. fundamental that they are: to preserve the life of the population and to protect the assets and resources of the economy.

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