Camagüey made up the women’s wrestling team for the National Pioneer Championship (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 18.- The women’s team that will represent Camagüey province in the National Championship of Pioneer Wrestling was formed in the Gymnasium of that discipline of the municipality of Florida, where the eliminatory combats were held to define the best athletes.

In each of the nine divisions, the winner of three matches was selected to compete in the national event of the category, scheduled to take place from April 18 to 24 in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

The winners of these qualifying pairings that will represent the province in the national event are Deleni Terrero Socarrás, from Camagüey, in the 28 kilogram and Mailín de la Caridad Camejo Verdecía, in the 31, together with Floridian Emily González Moreno, in the 33 kilogram. .

The provincial representation also includes the gladiators from Camagüey Norgelis Hernández Borges, in the division of 39 kilograms and Ana Mª Errani Soler, in the 46, while Elianneris Orta Marcell was included for Esmeralda, to compete in the 43, and María Karla Osorio Berroa de Nuevitas, in the 50 kilos.

Other wrestlers from Camagüey who will compete in the National Wrestling Championship are Dayanis Acosta Napoles in 55 Kilos, and Delianni de la Caridad Vidal Silva in more than 55 kilograms.

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