Florida Public Health System alerts to avoid outbreaks of COVID-19

Florida, Apr 18.- The entire Medical Assistance infrastructure of the Public Health system of the municipality of Florida remains alert to face any resurgence of COVID-19, even though 93 percent of the summoned population has already received the complete vaccination schedule and the call to comply with hygienic-sanitary measures to avoid contact with the pandemic is maintained.

Some 35 beds distributed in a couple of rooms enabled for the care of patients with respiratory infections in the Manuel Piti Fajardo Municipal Hospital and in the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo Pediatric Hospital support the systematic performance of the search and classification team of people confirmed with the new coronavirus in this Camagüey demarcation.

The microbiology laboratory of the Municipal Hygiene Center and the urgency salon of the Northern Health Area (former Main Emergency Polyclinic), also work as centers for the control of international travelers and for clinical diagnosis, to which people in seek guidance and medical attention in the event of any suspicion of exchange with SARS-CoV-2.

Since March 2020 and to date, a total of 7,637 infections of the coronavirus pandemic have been diagnosed in this municipality, with a survival of patients above 99 percent and no incidence of mortality in the course of the current year.

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