In rural communities of Florida celebrations for the Day of the World Proletariat (+ Posts)

Florida, Apr 19.- The Floridian labor movement held the first act for May 1 in the rural community of Algarrobo as part of the program of activities planned in greeting to the International Workers’ Day.

During the celebration, Dania Tamara Carlos Ramírez, member of the Municipal Committee of la Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC); She called on those present to participate in the proletarian parade, which this year is once again face-to-face, in support of the Revolution, the development of food and investment programs, and the transformation of neighborhoods and communities.

In the community act in Algarrobo, the most outstanding workers such as Daisy López and Olga Lidia González, and the groups of the Abel Santamaría Cuadrado elementary school, the Family Doctor and Nurse’s Office, the Pharmacy, the Winery and the contruction work Brigade of the rural settlement.

According to the schedule of the municipal leadership of the CTC, the community events for the Day of the World Proletariat will take place on Tuesday, April 19, in La Arrocera, on Wednesday the 20th in La Vallita, and on the 21st in Playa Florida.

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