Activities for May 1st are celebrated in the rural community of La Tomatera (+Posts)

Florida, Apr 27.- The residents and workers of the rural community La Tomatera, in the municipality of Florida, participated in the community parade for May 1, International Day of the Proletariat, raising the central slogan Cuba Lives and Works.

During the event in that rural area, several workers were honored for their outstanding community actions, including Maruja Castro Agüero, from the Family Care System, and Andrés Alfonso Aragón, from the Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel Basic Cooperative Production Unit (UBPC).

In the activity for the proletarian celebration, the labor groups with the best results in their management also received encouragement, among them the Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel elementary school, the Family Attention System, the UBPC and the Las Enseibas dryer.

The community event for International Workers’ Day in the rural community of La Tomatera was the stage to once again demand an end to the United States’ economic blockade of the Island, and demonstrate the firm conviction of the inhabitants of that area to defend the conquests of the revolution.

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