Four Floridian companies decide on local economic autonomy

Florida, May 4.- “The Agricultural,Commerce and Gastronomy companies, together with Ignacio Agramonte and Argentina sugar factories, constitute today the fundamental group of the entities of the municipality of Florida responsible for carrying out the Local Economic Autonomy development program , and for this they have the basic raw materials and the strategy to achieve it”.

This was confirmed by the mayor, Ibrain Torres Piñeiro, commenting on the comprehensive and individualized attention provided by the Municipal Administration Council for each of the aforementioned productive and service conglomerates.

The head of the government executive in Florida also stressed that before the end of the current year it is expected to see a growth in the potential of each of them, both in the production of food by agricultural and agro-sugar companies and in satisfaction of the popular demands that must be resolved more effectively, the system of Commerce and Gastronomy.

“When we talk about safe raw materials and strategies to achieve superior results in the performance of these groups and improve their contribution to collective wealth, we refer to the land and its inexhaustible capacity to multiply the fruits, to the possibility of preparing gastronomic offers at starting from those same agricultural lines and the importance of achieving the productive chain between the economic actors of the territory”, sentenced the mayor of Florida, Ibrain Torres Piñeiro.

Each of his words is based on the guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution when they demand to achieve: that the country’s business system be made up of efficient, well-organized and effective companies, with an integrating synergy for the common benefit and of the people and with internal control groups strengthened in search of achieving compliance with the plans with order, discipline, quality and absolute respect for the law.

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