To prevent fires in the agro-sugar sector

Florida, May 18.- The framework of the 56th edition of the National Fire Protection Day must find significant space for reflection and risk control in any of the areas of Floridian society, but in particular it must be present in the debates administrative, union and collective of the agro-sugar sector of the territory in search of limiting the impact of this scourge on the actions of the aforementioned industry.

At this point, when the harvest is about to close the cane cuts and the grinding of the sugar mills, it is no secret to anyone the excessive amount of raw material calcined or lost in the fields as a result of uncontrolled or unexpected candles, which do not They were always suffocated in time and sometimes there was a lack of foresight and even drive to stop them.

Such explosions caused a lot of lost time, excess fuel costs, overdrafts in the payment of salaries and disorganization of the conflict, and caused economic losses in all the links of the chain, from the sugarcane units themselves to the manufacture of sugar in the centers of the province.

The National Day of Fire Protection demands from the cane-sugar growers a raw, honest and cautious debate on how to always be alert to ignitions during the harvest and in the so-called dead time; how to better organize collective surveillance and the human and logistical force available to put out the fire in the cane fields, and the necessary demands and censorship of those directly and indirectly responsible for inopportune burning.

Sugar and candle; fires and economics; carelessness and financial solvency are not the best allies when you want, and it is expected to safeguard the existence of the Sugar Industry from the root of the cane to the hold of the ships that distribute it around the world in search of foreign currency to sustain the country.

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