Florida Education Sector Active in Disaster Risk Prevention

Florida, May 19.- During the Disaster Risk Reduction Week, the educational sector of the municipality of Florida organized an action plan involving workers and students with the intention of preparing for the occurrence of weather and other events.

Gianny Hugo Sánchez Pérez, Defense Preparation Methodologist in the Education Sector, informed that during this session the tasks foreseen in the risk reduction plans will be specified with the intention of preparing, above all, the management structures .

The official also explained that during May 21 and 22, as part of the Meteoro 2022 Strategic Exercise, practical activities will be carried out in all the institutions, including the cleaning of drains, the securing of roofs and the sanitization of the centers.

The preparation of the fire brigades and the measures to prevent outbreaks of COVID-19 are also included in the activities planned to be carried out in the institutions belonging to the Education sector in Florida during the Disaster Risk Reduction Week and the Meteor Exercise 2022. (Marisol León Álvarez/Radio Florida)

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