In Aqueduct and Sewerage, actions are increased for the hurricane season

Florida, May 19.- The Aqueduct and Sewerage workers of the Florida municipality carry out different actions these days with the aim of improving the water supply to the population and guaranteeing the stability of this service during the hurricane season about to begin next June 1st.

Voluntary work in the entity, the repair of pumping station number five, which supplies the pipes that distribute water to rural communities, and the repair of the perimeter fence of the territory’s chlorine plant, are some of the tasks carried out by these days.

The workers of this group also work on the suppression of leaks and obstructions, the cleaning of the ditches and the channel of the so-called Honda street, as well as the elimination of discharges from pits and sewers, actions that are also part of the plan of activities to purpose of the Disaster Risk Reduction Week.

The Aqueduct and Sewerage workers of the municipality of Florida are preparing to preventively face the hurricane season in better conditions, which is about to begin on June 1st. (Mayelin Baryolo Rodriguez/Radio Florida)

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