The memory of José Martí present in Floridian children

Florida, May 19.- Floridian children reflect the legacy of José Martí, a historical personality who, due to his merits as a tireless revolutionary and fervent defender of the country that saw him born, earned the title of National Hero.

Since his childhood, the most universal of Cubans felt in his own flesh the pain of others, his feelings of justice and anti-imperialism transcended the Cuban geography, Martí felt love for Latin America, he wanted all peoples to be free and sovereign.

The Apostle bequeathed to Cubans his passionate love for freedom, dignity and decorum of man, his repudiation of despotism, and his thought as a profound defender of human rights characterized him as an exemplary human being and faithful follower of his ideals, always thinking about the well-being of his compatriots.

On May 19, 1895, José Martí physically disappeared, but 127 years after that sad event, Cuba and his children continue to remember his imperishable work, as reflected in the report by journalist Marisol León Álvarez.

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