Conference of the Union of Commerce, Gastronomy and Services in Florida

Florida, May 23.- The second conference of the Union of Commerce, Gastronomy and Services was held in Florida, as an ideal space for the exchange of experiences and debate on the work of this union in the municipality.

Among the main issues discussed by the representatives of the Floridian affiliates, those related to the breach of commercial circulation and the need to practice in the units the possibility they offer of managing products, both industrial and food.

The preponderant role of the base trade union organizations to ensure the existence of adequate human and material conditions for workers, as well as their material and moral gratification, are included among the aspects debated during the development of the day, in which it was recognized and groups for their outstanding work in the provision of services and trade union work.

Lourdes Soria, member of the national secretariat of the Commerce, Gastronomy and Services Union, congratulated these groups of workers for arriving on May 1 with the full payment of the union dues and the contribution to the Homeland, the only one in the province of Camagüey in comply with this request.

With a representation of the more than 1,700 members, the second conference of this union in the territory was held in Florida, a meeting where its mandate structure and the commitment of the workers to provide a quality service to the population were ratified. (Diala González Ramayo/Radio Florida)

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